Application for Childrearing Interpretation Support


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An interpreter will accompany you for briefing sessions at day-care centers, kindergartens and schools, and parent-teacher meetings.

  • Language available: English and Chinese
  • Application deadline: 2 weeks before the event
  • Cost: 1000 JPY per hour
    If a session exceeds an hour, 500 JPY per 30 minutes.
    Travel expenses for a interpreter is a separate fee.
  • Eligibility: Those who reside, work or attend school in Wako.

Important Notes

  • We ask for your understanding that interpreters are volunteers, not professionals.
  • Wako Kosodate Network, Wako city and the interpreters will not be responsible for the interpretation service and any associated tasks.
  • We will not provide any private information of the interpreter such as their contact information.
  • We are also responsible for securely managing private information of the users.
  • We do not provide medical interpretation services. Please contact us if you have any question about our services within the city facilities.


Link to application

You can also apply by emailing to the following address by mentioning your name, phone number, language, purpose, place, and date and time:


企画部 企画人権課 人権文化交流担当
〒351-0192 和光市広沢1-5 市役所3階
電話番号:048-424-9088 ファクス番号:048-464-8822