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Message from the Mayor

2009.06.29 13:35



Takehiro Matsumoto
The City of Wako 

 Hello. My name is Takehiro Matsumoto. I am the new mayor of Wako city.
I'd like to thank all of the citizens who elected me and supported my election platform that includes "The Declaration of the Wako Revolution". I accept this weighty burden with sincerity, and I'll value your opinions. I promise to work hard on city administration.
First of all, I will thoroughly carry out administrative and financial reform for implementing expansion of services for the citizens of Wako. Moreover, I'll review projects that protect the livelihood of citizens: the health and welfare of the elderly, education programs and child-raising support.

"The Six Promises" from the platform:

  1. I promise to re-examine plans for the construction of public facilities, reduce the city's budget deficit and promote administrative and financial reform.
  2. I promise to try to make baby-boomers and the elderly the most energetic in Japan.
  3. I promise to invigorate education, child-raising and to increase opportunities for the physically-challenged.
  4. I promise to encourage a genuine, citizen-led, municipal government.
  5. I promise to be a mayor who is close to the citizens.
  6. I promise to make efforts to revitalize the local environment.

There is only one thing, I ask you to do; participate in the city's administration. Your participation in the city's administration will help secure implementation of this platform during my 4-year term, and will create a better future for Wako.
I promise to govern with consideration for its effects on the next ten to twenty years.
I extend my best wishes to all of Wako's citizens.


 Date of birth: May 14, 1969
 Sign of zodiac: Taurus
 Blood type: O
 Interests and hobbies: cooking and going out with my children
 My special dish: salad, emphasizing the flavor of Wako-grown vegetables
 Special skills: speed-reading
 Favorite word: “Disclosure”
 People I respect: Youzan Uesugi and Seifuu Murata
 Family: Wife, two daughters ( one in nursery school and one in elementary school), and one son ( elementary school student).

Education and work history

Mayor Takehiro Matsumoto was born in Akashi city, Hyogo prefecture. He graduated from Hyogo Prefectural Akashi Johsai Senior High School and later, from Waseda University School of Law with a bachelor’s degree. After graduation, he joined one of the major venture capital firms and later found another job in an economics publishing firm.  He changed jobs again and worked for the editorial department of TOYO KEIZAI INC.
Mayor Matsumoto began to become interested in local administration when plans for a city merger in the Asaka area were proposed. He ran for the unified local election in 2003 and he was elected to the city council (1135 votes, fifth place).  He was reelected to the city council in 2007 (2446 votes, first place). He chaired the Special Committee on Audit and City Assembly Steering Committee. During his 6-year term as a city council member, he also worked as a freelance editor and writer. He has published two books: “The Era of Continual Local Government Bankruptcy” and “There Are Only Three Rules for Accounting”.



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