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2009.03.12 09:55

Shimizu Katsura - Poet of Songs for Children
Shimizu Katsura was born in Fukagawa, Tokyo in 1898(Meiji 31). He went to Keika Business High School before landing at Shogaku Shinposha (a publisher) and working for the magazine "Girls issue" as the editor. He wrote poems and presented his works,「Our shoes go tap」etc. in this magazine.

In 1923(Taisho12), the Great Kanto Earthquake devastated Tokyo and he took refuge in his stepmother's house in Wako,Saitama. He lived in ''a house with pond'' near Jifuku Temple in Shirako for 15 years before moving to a house was close to the Shirakogawa. Until his death in 1951(Showa 26) at 53 years old ,he continued to write poems and songs for children. His most important works,「Being Scolded」,「 Tomorrow」 were written to seek the love of his parents in his unhappy childfood and in「Our shoes go tap」,「Sparrows School」, 「Green Breeze」he sang of the country senery around Narimasu snd Shirako.  

Sparrows school

chi chi pappa chi pappa
Teacher of the sparrows school
Swing a baton,chi pappa
Sparrows Pupils make a circle
Singing together, chi pappa
It's not good yet, chi pappa
Once again, let's sing together, chi papa
chi chi pappa chi pappa 

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