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2009.06.23 10:50

There are two basic taxes such as national tax and local tax. In addition, consumption tax became effective in Japan.

Income Tax

In principle, people who are residents of Japan and have been here in Japan for over a year are obliged to pay income tax that is calculated based on your income.
Those who have an income must file a tax return at the Asaka Tax Office (Asaka Zeimusho).

City and Prefectural Taxes

City and prefectural taxes are levied upon people who had an address in Wako city as of January 1st. Please call or visit “Taxation Division” for more details.

Consumption Tax

A 5% consumption tax is charged at the time of purchase.


For details of the taxes, please refer to the website of the National Tax Agency.


Taxation Division

Address: 1rd Floor, 1-5, Hirosawa, Wako-shi, Saitama-ken 351-0192

Tel: 048-424-9101(Japanese-Speaking Staff Only)  Fax: 048-464-1545