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Nursery Schools (Day-care Centers for Children)

2016.07.04 14:45

There are eleven nursery schools in Wako for preschool children whose parents or guardians can not take care of them because of job or illness during daytime hours.

Children who are eligible to enroll in a nursery school are as follows;
  • Guardians work outside the home during daytime hours.
  • Guardians work at home (except household work) during day time hours.
  • A mother is expecting or has just given birth.
  • A guardian is ill or disabled.
  • A guardian care for someone who is ill or disabled everyday for a long time.
  • Guardians can not take care of their children because of a disaster etc...
  • A guardian is looking for a job. (A period of attendance at a nursery school is limited in 2 months.)
  • A guardian has entered a school for the purpose of employment or skill acquisition.
  • A guardian can not take care of their children for other reasons above.
Nursery School Hours
  • Public Nursery Schools: 7:00am-20:00pm (Weekday) / 7:00am-18:00pm (Saturday)
  • Extra child-care fee will be added after 18:00pm.
  • As for the private nursery schools, please contact them.
  • Transportation to and from the nursery school is responsible for parents or guardians.
Child-care fee

Child-care fee is calculated based on the previous year’s income of guardians or parents.

The documents that are needed to apply for enrollment of a nursery school
  • Nursery School Application Form
  • Certificate of (expected) employment
  • Family Situation Form
  • A copy of “Tax Withholding Certificate” or a copy of “Final Tax Returns Application”
  • Certificate of Residence


Children's Welfare Division

Address: 1rd Floor, 1-5, Hirosawa, Wako-shi, Saitama-ken 351-0192

Tel: 048-424-9130(Japanese-Speaking Staff Only)  Fax: 048-464-1926