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Garbage Collection

2019.09.11 15:08

Wako City offers handy brochures about garbage collection. Please refer to the “How to Sort and Dispose of Recyclable Items and Garbage”. (5 foreign languages are available.)

Household garbage should be sorted into four categories: recyclable items, burnable garbage, other garbage and oversized garbage.
Garbage in each category is collected on a scheduled day according to your area.
Collection frequency is as follows:

 Frequency  Category
 Once a week   Plastic and PET bottles, papers and cloths, bottles and cans, other garbage
 Twice a week  Burnable garbage

Please check your area’s collection dates by the brochure, “How to Sort and Dispose of Recyclable Items and Garbage”. Yellow containers for glass bottles, blue containers for cans, green string bag for PET bottles are equipped at the collection site.

Recyclable Items

・Plastic and PET bottles
Plastic should be rinsed out and put them in transparent or semi-transparent bag. PET bottles should be rinsed out, removed caps and labels. Please put them in the green net (the PET bottles collection bag).

・Glass Bottles, cans, recyclable paper and cloth
Glass bottles and cans should be completely emptied. Rinse the inside and put them in each container; bottles in yellow and cans in blue.

・Newspapers, magazines and cardboard should be tied with a string. Cloth put them in transparent bag.  (We don’t collect cloth on a rainy day. Be sure not to put cloth at garbage collection area when it rains. )

Burnable Garbage

Kitchen garbage, paper waste, leather item, rubber item, branches and wooden boards should be put in transparent or semi-transparent bag.

Other Garbage

Unburnable garbage such as ceramics, glass, pots, kettles and small-sized household appliances should be put in transparent or semi-transparent bag and placed in a designated pickup area. Used dry batteries should be put in transparent bag and placed in the designated pickup area. Light bulbs are hazardous waste and they should be wrapped by paper or tied with a string.

Oversized Garbage

Items that are larger than 24cm long, 24cm wide, and/or 35cm tall in one of the ways are classified as oversized garbage and they are not collected by Wako city. You are required to either bring the items to the Wako City Sanitation Center by yourself or call the collection agent “Kinro Eisei” to arrange pickup date and place. Collecting oversized garbage is subject to fees. Please inquire about the fee when you apply for collection.
Wako City Sanitation Center  Tel: 048-464-5300
Kinro Eisei Inc.   Tel: 048-461-1577


*Please be sure to separate burnable garbage from the others in everyday life. Garbage must be put out at the collection site by 8:30 a.m. on the scheduled collection days.
*Items specified by the Electric Appliance Recycling Law, such as air conditioners, TVs ( including liquid crystal display TVs and plasma TVs), refrigerators, washing machines and cloth driers are not collected by the city. Please refer to the said brochure.


Material Recycling Division

Address: 6-17-1, Shimoniikura, Wako-shi, Saitama-ken

Tel: 048-464-5300(Japanese-Speaking Staff Only)   Fax: 048-467-3277