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International Children's Club

2010.08.27 12:13

Information about International Children’s Club

The club helps children to improve their Japanese skills, and to study for high school entrance examination.
The club staff member counsels a child and a parent if he/she needs some help.

1) International Children’s Club at Fujimino International Cultural Exchange Center  
時計 Date & hours: Every Saturday 10:00-12:00
   * Every Tuesday and Saturday, 10 :00-12:00  (From 21 July- 31 August)
家 Location: Fujimino International Cultural Exchange Center Map

電話 Inquiries: 049-456-4290

From the newsletter "Information Fujimino", July 2010 issue…

A total of 588 children came to club for fiscal 2009. The nationalities of children are Philippines, China, Pakistan, Korea, etc. Many volunteers with a kindly heart take part in the club. The volunteer members are university students or people like your father or mother.
They hope to be of service to children for living a happy life in Japan. Please come and join the club at ease.
Almost half of children are from Philippines, followed by Pakistan and China.
Four children in the third grade of junior high school, who came to FICEC to study, passed the entrance examination for the high school of their choice. We were so glad to hear the good news. On the last club day in March, we had a celebration party.
We have also started some new approach. We bought junior high school textbooks on 5 school subjects. Now, we put kana beside a Chinese character to show how it is read. In this way, we support children all the way.
Your school work will go well with support from volunteer members and friends.

2) Kodomo no Nihongo Club Niiza
時計 Date & hours: The first, second and third Monday, and fourth Thursday 18:00-19:30
家 Location: Niiza Hot Plaza (In front of Shiki Station)
携帯電話 Inquiries: 090-1701-5572 (Ms. Nakamura)

3) Kodomo Nihongo Gakushu Club
時計 Date & hours: Every Wednesday 16:30-19:30
家 Location: Mizuhodai community center (2-minute walk from the Mizuhodai station)
携帯電話 Inquiries: 090-2334-4678 (Ms. Matsuo)



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