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National Holidays

2009.03.12 09:57
January 1: SPACE Gantan SPACE New Year's Day
Second Monday in January: SPACE Seijin no Hi SPACE Coming of Age Day
February 11: SPACE Kenkoku Kinenbi SPACE National Foundation Day
March 20:
(The date may change depending on the year.)
SPACE Shunbun no Hi SPACE Vernal Equinox Day

April 29:


Showa no Hi


Showa Day

May 3: SPACE Kenpo Kinenbi SPACE Constitution Day
May 4: SPACE Midori no Hi SPACE Greenery Day
May 5: SPACE Kodomo no Hi SPACE Children's Day
The Third Monday in July: SPACE Umi no Hi SPACE Marine Day
The Third Monday in September: SPACE Keiro no Hi SPACE Respect for the Aged Day
September 23:
(The date may change depending on the year.)
SPACE Shubun no Hi SPACE Autumnal Equinox Day
The Second Monday in October: SPACE Taiku no Hi SPACE National Sports Day
November 3: SPACE Bunka no Hi SPACE Culture Day
November 23: SPACE Kinro Kansha no Hi SPACE Labor Thanksgiving Day
December 23: SPACE Tenno Tanjobi SPACE Emperor's Birthday


Cultural and International Affairs Section, Human Rights and Cultural Affairs Division

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