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Disaster Prevention

2016.11.28 08:33

Japan is known as a country with frequent earthquakes and typhoons. Preparations for natural disasters on a regular basis are important to minimize damage caused by them. We can predict typhoon movement easily by data collected from a weather satellite. On the other hand, almost all the earthquakes happen suddenly. Wako city plans disaster-prevention measures in various ways, but the most important point is your awareness of disaster prevention.

Preparing for an earthquake

* Check the emergency exits, evacuation routes and the city's temporary shelters.
* Keep your cool; put the fire out; huddle and wait until the quake is over.
* When you evacuate, turn off the breaker and evacuate safely to a temporary shelter on foot.
* Act properly by getting the information from radio, TV or city hall; don’t panic or be misled by false rumors.
* Prepare an emergency backpack with items necessary for basic living, such as a portable radio, flashlights, water and food.

 Earthquake Emergency Procedures (Fire and Disaster Management Agency)

Preparing for a typhoon

* Check the windows and roof regularly.
* In case of flood, put your valuables upstairs.
* When you feel your life is in danger, turn off the breaker and evacuate to a temporary shelter.


Wako city will provide information over the community wireless system in case of emergencies.


Disaster Emergency Message Dial (dial 171) and Disaster Message Board services (for cell-phone users) are voice message boards that are provided when a disaster such as an earthquake or volcanic eruption occurs, and are required when communication traffic to the disaster-stricken area increases and it is difficult to get through.
Please check the websites below;
Disaster Emergency Message Dial (dial 171): NTT EAST
Disaster Message Board Services (for cell-phone users):
NTT DoCoMo, au, SoftBank, WILLCOM


Crisis Manegement Office

Address: 3rd Floor, 1-5, Hirosawa, Wako-shi, Saitama-ken 351-0192

Tel: 048-424-9096(Japanese-Speaking Staff Only)  Fax: 048-464-1234