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Sister City Relationship

2010.09.15 09:21

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History of Sister City Relationship with Longview City

 In 1984, 22 teachers from Saitama Prefecture visited Longview. Since then, Longview city and Wako city have developed a steady relationship. Longview ctizens hosted the students of Wako International High School, and teachers of Junior High Schools in Wako were sent to Longview for training of teaching English. In addition, some teachers from Longview taught English for pupils and students of Wako as AET.


The students of junior high-school in Wako city visited  Longview city in 1993 for the first time. So far, 196 students and 45 teachers and attendants have already visited Longview city. (as of May 2010) From 1996 to 2004, 96 adults of Wako city have visited Longview as delegates of Wako citizens.

 Wako city forged a sister city relationship with the City of Longview on Oct. 1st, 1999.

Information about Longview

Longview is ideally situated between Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon, offering residents a rural life-style with year-round opportunities for recreation. It is the largest city in Cowlitz County with a population of approximately 35,000.
For more information, please visit Longview's web site!  Here!→


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