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A Roundtable Discussion with the Mayor

2009.12.18 10:24

The Human Rights and Cultural Affairs Div. organizes “The Roundtable Discussion with the Mayor” to have an opportunity to hear everyday life problems from foreign citizens. This event also opens doors for foreign citizens to participate in municipal government affairs.

The Roundtable Discussion with the Mayor was held at Chuo-Kouminkan on Sunday October 25, 2009.

So far, we had invited only foreign citizens to this event once a year, but we invited not only foreign citizens but Japanese citizens this year. The participants had a lively exchange of views about daily life problems for foreign citizens and multicultural society.

We enjoyed children’s story time and puppet show (by Himawari Club, a volunteer group) with children in the first half of the get-together, and adult participants talked over in the last half. Adult participants are Japanese (8 persons), Koreans (2 persons), Germans (2 persons), Chinese (1 person) and Canadian (1 person).

Opinions and requests from the participants:
 I hope to extend the “Medical subsidies for Children” until a graduation from the elementary school.
 Permanent foreign residents should be granted the rights of voting.
 Public transportation (especially bus and taxi) is inconvenient.
 I’m struggling with language barrier.
 We need information (such as medical system and disaster prevention), but don’t know how/where we can get the information.
 I ask city to organize the orientation (or training program) for the newly-arrived foreign citizens.
 I’m worried about the system of a nursery school and an elementary school. I’m also concerned about the integration at the school, so please hold the meeting before the entrance of a nursery school and an elementary school.
 When Wako City start new services for foreign citizens, please let us know.

“Without the close relationship, it will be difficult to help foreign citizens.” We have heard this comment at the last roundtable discussion and this time also. Wako City will start “Volunteer Interpreters and Translators, and Multicultural Society Supporters” service in next fiscal year. Based on the citizens’ valuable opinions, we will aim for citizens-friendly town development.

A picture book reading by “Himawari Club”. Children are listening seriously.

↓The participants had a lively exchange of views at the roundtable discussion with the Mayor.

.All participants and the Mayor

The Report of the Roundtable Discussion with the Mayor 2007


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