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"Longview week"

2010.12.15 15:44

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“Longview Week” was declared in 1995 to commemorate the signing of the sister city relationship.
“Longview Week” is around October 1st, and panels and brochures are displayed every year at the entrance of Wako City Hall to raise citizens’ awareness about the sister city relationship with Longview.

“Longview Week” 2010

"Longview week" 2010 was held from September 27th to October 1st at Wako City Hall.
Panels were also displayed at Chuo Public Hall from October 4th to 11th.
Mr. Lars Pedersen, Chairman of Longview Sister City Commission (former Wako Assistant English Teacher), provided us news articles and photos of Longview.
Visitors to Wako City Hall enjoyed reading the news articles, the report of the official visit to Wako, the information about Longview and Longview city’s administrative plan.



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