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The report of the Citizens' Delegation in 2004 (No.5)

2010.12.10 12:14

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City tour in Longview


 Lake Sacajawea,Japanese Bridge and Garden

  We visited the Japanese bridge and garden which were completed in the park” Lake Sacajawea” in 2004. Longview city staff told us that there were recently many couples who wanted to have wedding   ceremony in this garden.. In Japanese garden next to the bridge, there flowed a small stream and the moss brightly covered the ground.  



 Home Visit

 In the afternoon, we visited the citizen’s houses in Longview. We were in three groups and three families warmly welcomed us with handmade dishes. We thank them for their warm hospitality.




We enjoyed bowling near our hotel.

(top : Ms.Susie Meyers, Public Information Specialist of Longview City Hall who supported this program at Longview.)
  (below : Ms.Linda Ferguson who took care of our junior high school students during their home stay in Longview.)




 After the bowling, we dined together at Mexican restaurant. Yoko Melson, a interpreter during our stay (second from right), Susie and Linda joined us recalling our fruitful journey.

Our visit was very successful. We appreciate the warm welcome of the Mayor, city staff  and citizens of Longview.


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