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The report of the Citizens' Delegation in 2004 (No.2)

2010.12.10 17:35

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 Oct.14 (Thu.)
  The view
       from Lincoln Park
We left San Francisco at six in the morning and started for Longview via Seattle. 
   The Safeco Field Stadium

 We dropped in the stadium where is a home ground of Seattle Mariners in which Ichiro made the record of 263 hits.  

 A Baseball Game

 When we visited the stadium, a   baseball game was held. Local teams   had a game and we heard the national   anthem of United States. This was a   good opportunity to enjoy the   atmosphere of America.
  Arriving in Longview

 We arrived at the hotel in Kelso,   next city of Longview. We rested   ourselves for the next day’s busy   schedule.

 Visit to Longview City
 NORPAC(North Pacific  Paper Cooperation)

 We visited the mill of Norpac which   is a joint venture of Nippon Paper   Industries and Weyerhaeuser   Company.
     Japanese staff kindly showed us   the inside of the mill.
   Their products are exported to   Japan as newsprint and magazine   paper.
    In front of the big machine, with   Japanese staff.
   Longview City Hall

 We arrived at City Hall.
 Council Chambers of Longview
   In front of panoramic pictures of   Longview, Mayor McCrady gave us   the titles of  Honorary Citizens of   Longview.
  with Longview citizens

 Longview city staff and citizens   welcomed us with lunch and we   strengthened our friendship.   

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