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The report of the Citizens' Delegation in 2004 (No.1)

2010.12.10 17:35

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Date  Oct.12 to Oct.18, 2004
Visit  Longview,WA and San Francisco,CA
 Eight citizens (7 women and 1 man) visited Longview, our sister   city, last October after an interval of four years. They visited   City Hall, Paper Company, Retirement Care Home and Citizen’s   house, deepening mutual understanding with citizens of Longview.   They also went to San Francisco and Seattle. Let us show you   how they spent their wonderful days.

 Sep.18(Sat.) and Oct.2(Sat.)


At Chuo Public Hall


With citizens self introductions, explanation of travel agency, lesson of daily English conversation, we looked forward to visiting Longview.  

 Deperture Ceremony

  At Wako-shi Station

Mayor Nogi saw off the citizens group at the station. We were going   to Narita Airport.

 San Fransisco

 Fisherman’s Warf

San Francisco was incredibly hot. It was like summer. We started  city viewing under the blue sky.  
 Golden Gate Bridge

Next, we went to Golden Gate   Bridge and Twin Peaks.    

 Yosemite National Park

 Tunnel View

We got up at six in the morning and left the hotel at seven. We were on the bus for four hours and arrived at the park..
  Half Dome from Sentinel Bridge

  There were a lot of lakes and   mountains which were in 2000   meters altitude. We enjoyed   wonderful and beautiful   wilderness.

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