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The report of the Citizens' Delegation in 1999

2010.12.10 12:12
* The Citizens' Delegation to the City of Longview
On October 1,1999, We established a formal sister city relationship with Longview, WA, U.S.A. We sent our citizens' delegation to Longview as we had done last year. The members of the delegation enjoyed many exchange programs through this visit. By courtesy of the staff of the Longview government they visited City Hall, the Library and other facilities. Some of them were welcomed by the Pedersen family and spent a good time at their home.  In addition to this, they visited Las Vegas, which is popular among tourists these days, and went to the Grand Canyon.

October 4

Tour of the Grand Canyon

We were truly touched by the magnificent scenery of the Grand Canyon. Blue sky and the uninterrupted view ....

October 6

The city of Longview

In this area, the rainy season begins in October. We had fine many days while we were staying there and enjoyed a walking tour of City Hall and the Library etc. (left: Broadway   this picture was taken from City Hall.) 

At the Council Chambers of Longview

The city staff gave us a brief outline of the city of Longview Government. We were given titles of honorary citizens of Longview. 

Longview City Library

Many books and video tapes are organized and arranged in order. We were impressed by the contents of the library. It has a corner for Japanese Books. In this corner there are many books which had donated by the previous citizen's delegations from Wako. This time, each of us donated three Japanese books to the library.

Tour of R. A. Long High School

There are two high schools, R. A. Longview H. S. and Mark Morris H. S. in Longview. R. A. Long high school has the Japanese classes and many students are studying Japanese.

At the Japanese Class

We visited the Japanese class at R. A. Long High School. We spent a good time with the students.

Lake Sacajawea

Longview is a planned city. Within the heart of the planned residential district, there is a large park with a lake. Today the recreational area is known as Lake Sacajawea and is the prize jewel of the city

Longview Fire Station

This fire station is in charge of the broad-based area which includes Longview and the next city, Kelso. We enjoyed watching their latest equipment and training. As soon as our visit was finished, they had an emergency call. The fire fighters went into action in an instant. 


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