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The report of the Citizens' Delegation in 2016 (Longview No.1)

2016.12.14 11:10



We arrived the city of Longview ! 

 When we arrived Longview, the citizen of Longview came out to welcome our delegation at the city hall.

 After the first meeting, Wako high school students started their homestays with host families until Sunday.

  Our delegation observed city council meeting.


  We arrived the city of Longview !!!

 At the entrance of the city hall, items  the citizen of Wako presented in the past are on display.


 First meeting ! It's so exciting ! 

Our delegation observed city council meeting. 




 Sightseeing aroud the city of Longview

  We  took a tour of Lower Columbia College(LCC) & Nippon Dynawave Packaging, Port of Longview !

 In the Evening,  we were invited obvious warmth of the welcome reception hosted by the Port of Longview.

 After the welcome reception, we enjoyed  evening activity.

 * Tour Lower Columbia College (LCC) 


 * Tour Nippon Dynawave Packaging



 ← Wako city employees and Wako high school teachers have a meeting with high school administrators at school district office.



↓Welcome reception hosted by the Port of Longview.  We received certificate.

 We had a wonderfull time !



 We enjoyed  evening activity!

 * R.A. Long High School Homecoming football game

 *  Halloween “Monster Mash” party for school children and their families, St. Rose School

 *  Longview Stageworks Northwest play, How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse. (There is no photos.) 


★Our delegation are posted on the newspaper !


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