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Citizens' Delegation Program

2010.12.10 12:11

Sister City Relationship
Citizens' Delegation Program

1. Process
  Our exchange activities have started from 1987. The exchange home stay program between Wako Kokusai High School and Mark Morris High School of Longview was the beginning of our sister city relationship. The Wako Rotary Club established a sister club relationship with the Longview Rotary Club. The city of Wako Government has started to send the teachers' delegation to Longview since 1990 and started to send the students' delegation since 1993. And more, the Citizen's delegation was organized in 1996.

  Longview is located in southwestern Washington State and more than 30,000 residents live in this city. In 1923, when the city of Longview 
Government was established,
they decided to build a planned
 city. The land of the city has
 been zoned by usage. It looks
 very beautiful with an orderly
arrangement. Around Civic
Center, there is a large park
 with a lake. Squirrel, deer and
 other wild animals coexist with
 humans. Being blessed with
 Nature, you can live
comfortably in a safe place.

2. Purpose and Contents of this project
In this trip, the members of the delegation visited the City Hall, the Library and other facilities. Each of members donated two Japanese books to the library every year.  As members requested us to visit a hospice and citizen's home, we arrange special tours.
3. Schedule of this program
We usually send the citizens' delegation to the City of Longview from the end of September to the beginning of October. ( 7 days and 4 nights )  

The report of the Citizens' Delegation



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